The St Hubert is a beige colored limestone from Portugal, with fine and fairly uniform background. It presents some slight dark shades/clouds with a more or less regular pattern. The main variations will depend on the amount of grain, as well as if it presents vein orientation or cross cut orientation:

St Hubert Classic: the most common type, presenting fine grain and very uniform color and background.
St Hubert Vein-cut: this variation shows slight parallel vein structure, instead of clouded areas. This represents a smaller percentage of overall production.

  • St Hubert limestone

    St Hubert Classic limestone

  • St Hubert limestone vein-cut

    St Hubert limestone - vein cut

Extraction Area

The St Hubert limestone is explored around the area of Pé da Pedreira – Porto de Mós, which is located in the Serra D´Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, region of Santarém. This area is located in the center of Portugal, about 100 kilometers north of Lisbon. Pé da Pedreira lies at the heart of the area that is considered as the main ornamental limestone quarrying center in Portugal.

The quarries of St Hubert limestone are large, with a large extraction capacity and considerable reserves for future extraction.