St Hubert limestone most common applications

The St Hubert is a wonderful beige limestone from Portugal that also happens to be a very versatile type of stone, which is commonly found on a wide range of applications.

The St Hubert limestone presents very interesting characteristics that makes it a very suitable stone to be used on both interior and exterior applications. There are large quantities of this limestone at competitive pricing. It presents a uniform look and color, with consistent grain structure. For a limestone, it is technically a very good stone. For these reasons and more, the St Hubert is today found on a wide range of interior and exterior applications on all sorts of climates. Below, we present some of the most common applications:

St Hubert limestone cladding / Ventilated fa├žade / Exterior wall cladding / Straight cladding / Curved cladding

St Hubert limestone paving / Exterior flooring / Landscaping / Pool borders / Staircases

St Hubert limestone flooring / Interior flooring / Floor tiles / Skirtings

St Hubert limestone masonry / Limestone balusters / Limestone columns / Staircases / Window sills

St Hubert limestone wall coverings / Wall panels / Limestone tiles