St Hubert limestone alternative names

The St Hubert is a well-known beige limestone from Portugal, which has seen a great growth on its demand in the past few years. There are today quite some companies supplying this limestone, which creates numerous alternative names.

While some quarries or factories may create their own commercial names for the St Hubert limestone in order to achieve some sort of exclusivity, intermediate companies and final clients do the same process, creating much confusion in the market. Being a relatively new limestone in the market, naming the St Hubert limestone has been quite a process, where each supplier takes its own initiative to create unique names.

We present here some of the most commonly used commercial names for the St Hubert limestone:

Crema Rosal limestone: this is a popular name for the limestone, mostly in Spanish speaking countries.

Saint Hubert: the limestone´s complete name, not shortened.

Semi Rijo Codacal: the official name of this limestone, the Rosal limestone is in fact called Semi Rijo, which is extracted around the town of Codacal.

Beige Fino: a very known commercial name for the St Hubert limestone, known in European countries, Russia.

Creme Champagne: another commercial name for the St Hubert, it targets specific countries.

Relvinha: another commercial name for the St Hubert, used on a wide range of markets

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