Top beige limestones for building and decoration

Limestones are a type of natural stone with great demand, mostly for exterior projects such as cladding, landscaping and more. Here, large projects have been developed in the last decade all over Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, where a growing appetite for beige colored limestone has developed. The color is neutral but trendy and suits well in many urban environments. In addition, it combines great with either aluminium, glass or brick, the quintessential materials used on exterior cladding.

We introduce here some of the most on-demand and important beige limestones of today, which are normally short-listed by architects and developers all over the world as preferential limestones for exterior cladding applications:

Moca Cream / Beige limestone from Portugal

The Moca Cream is a beige colored limestone, which is known for its parallel vein and uniform background, when it is cut against the vein (vein-cut). However, when the same stone is cut in favor of the vein it shows a relatively different appearance, with a more uniform background and light beige color, with no signs of vein (cross-cut).

Thala Beige / Beige limestone from Tunisia

The Thala Beige is a beige colored limestone, with fine grain and fairly uniform background. This is a limestone extracted in Tunisia, which has gained international recognition in the past years. It is a rich beige limestone with a very contemporary look, showing very little movement but occasional quartz veins. This is an ideal limestone for large scale cladding projects.

Jura Beige / Beige limestone from Germany

The Jura Beige limestone is a beige colored limestone, with thin to medium grain and non-uniform background. This limestone is mostly known by the presence of strong signs of fossils with darker color, sparsely distributed throughout the stone surface. The Jura Beige is a reference beige limestone from Germany, with considerable hardness. This limestone also has a grey colored variation called Jura Grey limestone.

Moleanos / Beige limestone from Portugal

Another popular limestone, the Moleanos limestone has a light beige colored background and a slight greyish tonality, with thin to medium grain and showing disperse brownish fine spots. There are today two main types of Moleanos limestone available in the market are all beige colored. These are the thin grain (also known as Moleanos Fine) and the medium grain (also known as Moleanos Classic).

Vratsa / Beige limestone from Bulgaria

Vratsa limestone is colored in soft, warm, creamy shades and is dotted with diverse patterns of rich texture, showing a consistent beige color. This is a limestone from Bulgaria with great demand worldwide, suitable for exterior cladding, flooring and decoration as well as for interior design solutions.

Crema Cenia / Beige limestone from Spain

The Crema Cenia as it is know, is another popular Spanish limestone with big demand in the Middle East. This is a brown-creamy limestone with a medium hardness and thin grain. The Crema Cenia limestone presents a relatively uniform background with occasional darker signs of fossils and small shady brown colored areas. This is a fairly popular limestone in Spain with a considerable market and an expanding international presence.

Cenia limestone