Choosing beige limestones from Portugal

Portugal has a wide choice of beige colored limestones used on the building and decoration industries. If compared to established limestones from Britain or France, Portuguese limestones present a great quality – price relation, as well as large availability. On this post, we introduce you to some of the most important beige limestones in Portugal.

On this video, we introduce you to the most relevant beige limestones from Portugal. Beginning with the Moleanos, a reference limestone that is widely used on both interior and exterior applications. It is offered as fine or medium grain, but also with a blue/grey selection. We continue with the Moca Cream limestone, a unique beige limestone that is now an ex-libris limestones, with huge demand for cladding applications. The Moca Cream is supplied with fine or medium grain mostly, but can also be found with a cross-cut look showing no vein. We finalize with the less know limestones in the market, but nonetheless, with a growing market and international reputation. Limestones like the Rosal or the Cabeca Veada are becoming increasingly popular and are gaining its rightful place as reference beige limestones.

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Source: Natural Stone Outlet