Introduction to the St Hubert limestone

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In this episode, we will be talking about a renowed Portuguese beige colored limestone known as St Hubert.

St Hubert is a common commercial name originally from a French limestone, which today is also used with this specific beige limestone that comes from Portugal. The St Hubert is no more than a beige limestone, presenting a fine grain structure and quite uniform background. It shows fine shades or clouds on its surface, with a delicate look. This limestone presents two main variations: the St Hubert Classic, which is the most common type, showing a fine grain structure and clouded areas; and the St Hubert Vein-cut, which shows a delicate parallel vein along its surface, generally supplied in smaller quantities.

The St Hubert limestone is explored around the area of Alcanede, which is located in the Serra Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, the main limestone extraction area in Portugal.

The St Hubert quarries are quite dynamic and with considerable extraction levels. Large blocks are normally extracted and due to high demand, most of the production is normally sold. The St Hubert is today a reference beige limestone in Portugal and a growing reference worldwide. It is mostly seen as a reliable alternative to other limestones such as the Rosal or Moleanos Fine.

This is a limestone that due to its technical characteristics, will mostly accept certain types of surface finishes. On top of the list comes the honed finish, which shows a matte surface and very delicate vein or grain. This is also a limestone that does well with finishes such as sandblasted, light bush-hammered, chiseled and other moderately rough surfaces that will keep showing the color and delicate look of this limestone.

Due to its beautiful color, uniformity and delicate look, the St Hubert is an ideal limestone for small to medium sized projects that require some detail. This is a limestone that has been mostly used on detailed masonry, but also on exterior cladding and diverse interior decoration applications. It is also found on flooring with moderate use and wall coverings.

The St Hubert limestone has a preferential market in the USA, where its name is synonym of high quality and selection. Additionally, it has a solid market in China and some Asian countries, with growing demand from few North European countries, mostly for small decoration projects.

The St Hubert is well integrated in the Portuguese beige limestone family, benefiting from the extremely positive reputation that these limestones have worldwide. This is a limestone with an interesting level of extraction and reserves, which should be well considered for future projects.

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